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The Innovation For SimCity

Posted by hannamizzran on May 29, 2014 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

A classic with uppercase letters in the history of computer game. At a time where are trendy reboots, remakes and reinterpretations of the classics, the return of this city-building Simulator was more than essential, 10 years after SimCity 4. We have written lots of impressions about him in current months, all very enthusiastic, the game was amazing, and its commitment of base for multiplayer, with interconnected cities that need to share resources, seemed to us more than intriguing. Our companied know that it would need long-term internet connection, something that we expected was going to trigger some controversy, which did not picture was this feature back against him, at least in the early days, and tarnish or spoil the excellent work done by Maxis.


Require permanent internet connection in titles that are not MMO, is not something new, already last year Blizzard dared to implement it with the awaited Diablo III, creating no little controversy. The eager and brand-new project of Activision and Bungee, Fate, we learned recently that it will require a permanent connection, and Intuit and imagine that every day more and more games will leave pointed to the vehicle, and within perhaps five or 10 years, will appear more typical in the world. We see exactly how the unstoppable way computer game industry moves toward what many titles require permanent connection to the internet to be played, either by its suggested playable, which puts an unique emphasis on the experience multiplayer, or simply for reasons of protection and DRM, to prevent piracy.


This understandable way bothers much to the players, the feeling that "pay just for sinners", a really unjust situation, to avoid that an item be hacking; legal users need to handle quite a few inconveniences. As the enormous launch of Diablo III, with over 4 million users trying to play in its very first hours, it had numerous complications, corrected with the passing of the days. Electronic Arts must have been prepared, were warned, knew exactly what could happen, and the first few days the sale of SimCity, from last Thursday 7 until Monday 11, have been a complete catastrophe, especially in the United States.


We do not understand if it has been for lack of insight and few available servers, if due to technical problems, unexpected and difficult to predict, the case is that gamers who had paid by SimCity might not play with him, it was nearly difficult to access the experience, even if you wished to play just not enjoy the multiplayer, produced disruptions, cuts, lost certificates, among other major annoyances, and this is something intolerable in a product of this magnitude, published by a reference company within the industry. Us, by circumstances of agenda, not have able to get down to deal with the analysis until this previous Monday, although we had already had numerous previous contacts with the game, in various fairs, events and testing with the beta. Casually has been this Monday when the majority of technical complications have already solved, and not problems we just had to play it from this past Monday 11 until today.




Therefore it seems that the most severe problems have actually already been resolved, and with the passage of days experience will be complete and fully functional, although the name of the game is now stained forever, there is no more than look at the notes of other media - specifically Americans - and see sticks that have been. Something that seems reasonable as well as somewhat unreasonable, because the work done by Maxis is simply great, with their pros and cons like all video games, we will attempt to rattle with justice in the following text. Sure that both EA and other companies discover exactly what occurred - or must-, either for not followed, including unfair DRM, not require permanent connection modes for a player, or by no sin of lack of foresight and stay short at the time of open servers. Now let's talk about what truly matters to us, the video game, and the experience that you'll encounter if you choose to purchase it today itself.