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Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission" is a Game Boy Advance remake of the game "Metroid" for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which started out the "Metroid" series of games. Lots of people consider the original game to be the finest, when it comes to storyline, originality, and etc. The new game features enhanced graphics, sound, and enemy AI, along with a few new missions after the point in which the normal game would be accomplished.

The storyline will probably be familiar to all fans of the series, seeing that it's the just like "Metroid". The bounty hunter Samus Aran have been hired to go to the planet Zebes and destroy a race of energy-draining creatures referred to as Metroids. They must also destroy an evil being called Mother Brain. Samus herself was orphaned in the world by the evil Space Pirates (that's actually the name of their species, at least to the humans) and was saved and raised by a race called the Chozo. These highly-advanced creatures gave her the power match that she would wear, to ensure that she may destroy the Space Pirates (as Zebes seemed to be at one time a Chozo colony). Right now, using the power of her suit and her natural skills, Samus need to destroy this menace to the galaxy.

The images in this game are wonderfully carried out, and therefore are slightly much better than the graphics in Metroid Fusion. They are wonderful and immersive. Samus has her original suit, not the bizarre blue punk-style suit she had in Metroid Fusion. Samus gets multiple suits throughout the game; the basic power suit (which is dark orange), the heat-and-cold resistant Varia suit (which can be bulkier and light orange), and the water-pressure resistant Gravity suit (which is like the Varia suit, but purple). Additionally there is a part where Samus loses her power suit and runs around in a jumpsuit, equipped simply with a pistol (this is a sequence that was not in the original video game).

The sound in the game is not actually remarkable. Despite the fact that it's a lot better than the NES game, will still be essentially blips and bleeps. The music isn't bad, and sets the tone a lot more than the sound effects. Additionally there is a very irritating "low health" sound, which is a little siren that sounds if your health is less than 10% of its maximum. Basically, if you are really hurt, you just hear  heart beat" again and again until you acquire some health, which is not always simple. The same problem happens in the "Legend of Zelda" games, too. Obviously, if it's really frustrating, the sound can be switched off, but then you will lose out on other sound effects.

The gameplay is enjoyable. Bosses in many cases are of the "hit its weak spot with a particular weapon" variety, though they still look pretty cool. Samus can perform a variety of maneuvers, including her morph ball form, by which she can roll around, her freeze missiles, which could freeze enemies and make them into stepping blocks, and her grapple beam, which usually she can utilize to swing around on hooks. Additionally there is a good number of locations, from ancient Chozo ruins to volcanoes.

Overall, this game is extremely, great. It's a good way of presenting newer gamers to the beginning of the Metroid series. For old-school gamers, beating the video game can get you the original NES Metroid game to play.
9/10 (I'm taking some point of for the Low Health Beeps).

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